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If you install a terminal in the kitchen, all orders will go to the cook’s screen. The waiter will not be distracted to pass the order, and the cook will be able to follow the cooking time and note the readiness of dishes.

In addition, the cook will be able to add dishes to the stop-list, for example, if it has finished.

Access rights

To access the cook’s monitor, you need the position “Cook” and the right to manage the stop-list.

Enable the Cook Screen

In order to display the orders on the cook’s screen, you must enable it in the settings of the local module.

1. On the main screen, select "Settings" in the top menu.

2. Go to the tab "Extra settings" and turn on the cook’s screen.

3. Save the settings.

Work with Orders

On the cook’s screen, all orders are displayed in the form of tickets with basic information:

  • account number and list of dishes;
  • number of portions;
  • order time and timer, how much the dish is in work;
  • preparation time.

Once the dish is ready, click on it. If the order is ready in full, click "Done."

By default, the cook can see the dishes of all departments on the screen. To see dishes, for example, only a cold shop, you need to change the department in the bottom menu.

Completed orders

Prepared dishes fall into the "Completed" section, where they are stored for 2 hours. During this time, the dish can be returned back to cooking – click on it in the general list.

Stop-list management

Some meals cannot be prepared. For example, if the products is finished. In this case, the cook can add the dish to the stop list.

1. Click Stop-list in the top menu of the cook screen.

2. Select a dish from the list.

3. Indicate the remaining number of portions and click “OK”.

Now, when adding a dish to the account, the waiter will see a message that the dish is over.

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