Отчет по производству полуфабрикатов

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In report on the production of half-finished products reflected all produced half-finished products, their remain and movements: write-offs, sales and so on.

Access rights

To view the report on the production of half-finished products, you need the right "Read" in the "Report on dishes" section.

On the "Reports" tab, select "Report on production of half-finished products". Specify the report parameters: period, warehouse and half-finished product, by which you need to see the data.

In report presented the remains of produced half-finished products at the date of the last inventory ("At the beginning") and at the current date ("At the end"), taking into account all movements.

The Movement of Half-finished Products

All displacements of half-finished products are reflected in the "Incomes" and "Expenses" columns. Move mouse over to see how many dishes have been sold, written off, or displaced.

To view detailed information on the movement of half-finished products (displacements, sales, writing offs), click on the "Details" link reference. In the new tab, a list of all documents opens.

Report Actions

The report can be printed or saved in excel format.

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