Отчет о прибылях и убытках

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Report on profits and losses compares operational incomes and expenses for the selected period and reflects the profit of the establishment. By its help, the owner can analyze the activity of restaurant and correct it, so that the establishment does not cause losses.

Please note – for the correct construction of the report, you need to fill write-offs and expense invoices, indicate tax rates for dishes and keep records of salaries.

Access rights

To view the report on profits and losses, you need the right to "Read" in the "Reports" section.

1. On the "Reports" tab, select "Profits and losses report".

2. Indicate the period for which you want to build a report.

3. In the report you will find:

  • gross profit – the difference between the incomes (sales and other) and the cost of dishes;
  • operating expenses: write offs, unpaid bills, discounts, and so on;
  • value of operational profit.
Attention! Transaction groups which have activity type "Operational" are fall in operating expenses. Transactions without groups, but with the sign "Operational", fall into "Other incomes" and "Other expenses".

By the report you can correct the restaurant activity in time, to increase its profitability.

The report can be printed or saved to a computer in excel spreadsheet format.

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