Как мы работаем с пожеланиями?

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You can leave your ideas and suggestions for improving Jowi in the "Wishes" section.

How to Fill an Offer

For quick consideration and transfer of ideas to development, please answer the following questions in your wish:

  • What is a new function for?
  • How do you work now?
  • How would you like to work?
  • If you need integration with a service or device, describe it and indicate what this integration is for.

It is important that the wish meets the requirements of most clients of the service. Therefore, we carefully study the proposals and users scenarios, consider the technical feasibility of implementation your ideas.

Wishes that users actively vote for have priority over others.

Please respect the developer’s team and your colleagues: write correctly, with respect and to the point. The more you describe your need and the scenario for using the new function, the faster we can consider your wish.

Wish Status

Image 892 – the wish is fixed, the technical feasibility of its implementation is being considered.

Image 893 – the proposal will be implemented, the deadlines of implementation has not been determined.

Image 894 – the wish has passed into the status of a task for development, they are already working on its implementation.

Image 895 – the work is completed. For users published news and instructions on new functions.

Image 896 – the wish will not be realized: low necessity, absence of technical feasibilities, etc. The reasons will be written in the comments to the wish.

Technical Improvements

We are constantly working to improve the service: speed up its productivity, improve the interface and so on. Therefore, some tasks are not displayed in the "Under development" section, because they will be interesting to a narrow circle of IT specialists.

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