Loymax – управление программой лояльности

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The Loymax system will help you realize any model of the loyalty program: home, partner or coalitional, with any type of communication with client.

Enable Loymax

To connect to the Loymax loyalty system, on the "Settings" tab, select "Laboratory" and put a flag in the "Enable" box.

Setup Integration

After integration is enabled, the Loymax item will appear in the settings.

If this item does not appear, try to refresh the page.

1. Open the page and click "Edit".

2. Fill in the fields – the data will be provided by the Loymax loyalty system during registration.

3. Save the changes.

Please note that the first time you connect, will begin the uploading of departments, categories and dishes to the Loymax system. The first time the operation may take a long time – all the following directory synchronization will occur once a day at 3:00 Moscow time (GMT + 3).

Work with Bill

Before closing, open the bill details and click the Loymax button.

Scan the Loymax card and its pin code or just a coupon number.

Click "Apply" to save the information.

When paying a bill, bonuses are calculated to the Loymax card. Please note that confirmation of a purchase in the Loymax system will occur only after full payment of the bill.

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