Восстановление ресторана на новом устройстве

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начало работы восстановление

After installing the local Waiter module you can restore data from another terminal. For example, if you change the old computer with a new one.

Attention! Before restoring the restaurant, close and pay all accounts on the old computer.

1. Launch Waiter from the desktop.

2. Enter the registration data: email and password of your account.

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3. In the window that opens, select the establishment in which the terminal is located.

4. Select the device on which the local module was previously installed – all accounts will be restored on the new computer. The list of devices will display the name, date of the last synchronization, identifier and the number of accounts.

Attention! When you restore a device on a computer with the same identifier, data synchronization will stop.

Select “create_new_device” if you are connecting an additional terminal. For computer will be assined a new account identifier.

Attention! When creating a new device, you cannot work with open and unpaid orders with a different account identifier. To do this, restore the device with the old identifier.

Image 962

5. Click "Restore" and wait for the process to complete.

Image 963

All open, closed and debt accounts restored, the device is ready for use.

At the first start the manager can make the device the main one – in this case all orders for delivery and reservation of tables will come to the selected terminal. At any time the main device can be changed.

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