Настройка фискального принтера в Узбекистане

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In Uzbekistan, are used fiscal modules to transfer data to the tax. A special program is installed on the computer, which prints the check and sends information about the sale. Therefore, you can use a ordinary check printer to print checks.

Access rights

To setup, you need the rights to edit printers and settings.

1. Connect the printer to the computer. Go into the program, select "Settings" in the top menu.

2. Click "Printers" in the lower menu to setup check printers.

3. In the "Print" column, select "Cashier's Check", in the "Printers" column – ordinary printer that will print checks.

4. In the bottom menu, click "Printer settings". In the window that opens, specify the fiscal module and click "Save".

5. Print a test check and save the settings.

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