Открытие и закрытие кассовой смены

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Every day, at the beginning of the working day, the manager or the cashier opens the cash shift, and at the end of the day closes. The exchange fund be introduced after opening and withdrawn before the shift closes.

Attention! A cash shift cannot be opened for more than 24 hours. If the establishment working for more than a day , first close the shift , and then reopen it again.

Access rights

For opening and closing cash register shifts requires right to pay, close and view all bills.

Shift Opening

1. On the main screen in the bottom menu choose "All accounts".

2. Click “Fiscal Printer” and window for working with a cash register will open.

3. If the cashier does not have a TIN (INN), enter it. According to the law, the cashier's TIN must be printed on the check.

4. Check the status of the fiscal printer.

5.Click “Zero check” to check the operation of the cash register, the correct date and time, fiscal data. A check is printed without positions with zero amount.

6. After checking, click "Open shift".

The shift is open – you can make a exchange fund, take orders and pay accounts. If required issue a refund.

During the day, the manager can remove the X-report – daily report without cancellation, which shows the amount of money deposited in the cash register.

Shift closing

1. On the main screen in the bottom menu, choose "All accounts". Then click “Fiscal printer” and window for working with a cash shift will open.

2. Click “Daily report with cancellation” – a Z-report will print, the cash shift is closed.

After the shift is closed, the data at the cash register for the day (income and expenses) will be reset to zero.

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