Оплата счета

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At the request of the guest, the waiter closes the account, and the cashier accepts payment.

Access rights

For pay the account , you need the rights to view all accounts and pay accounts.

1. On the main screen in the bottom menu choose "All accounts".

2. In the upper panel click "Closed shift". Close the account if the waiter has not done it.

3. Choose a account from the list and click "Pay accounts". Or scan the QR code on the check to find the account you need.

If the customer’s account is tied to a smart card, scan it.

4.Choose a payment type. The account can be paid is different ways.

Attention! If the guest cannot pay now, select "Debt".

You can also pay the account in parts. For example, cash and credit card.

For this, select the first payment way and enter the amount .Then select the second – the amount will be substituted automatically.

If the guest is on the customer list, he can pay the account with savings. For this, attach it to the account and select the last line with the name of the establishment in the payment types.

5. At the bottom of the payment window, click on the link "Customer Contact" to add an email or cell phone. This is required to send an electronic check according to 54-FZ.

6. Click "Pay". Give the check to the guest.

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