Управление клиентами в локальном модуле

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The waiter, cashier or manager can work with the client base in the local module in the "Clients" section:

  • delete the client;
  • add a client to the ignore list;
  • change the size of the deposit;
  • view the history of orders and client actions

Access rights

To work with client cards, you need the rights to create and edit clients, edit clients deposit.

Delete the Client

To delete a client from the database, open his card and click "Delete".

Deleted clients get into the "Recycle Bin". To restore a client, open his card and click "Save".

Add to Ignore List

The client can be added to the ignore list. Then he will not be able to reserve tables and use the delivery. To do this, you must put an corresponding note on the card.

Change Balance of Deposit

The manager can charge the client additional bonuses for the deposit. For example, in honor of a birthday. Or take off if the points were not written correctly.

To do this, click on the table in the client’s card and click on the "Deposit" line.

Choose to add or take points from the deposit. Indicate the amount and reason in the “Description” field.

Save the changes. All information about changing the deposit is available in the list of clients in the web panel, under the link reference "Details".

View Client's History

Jowi keep information on all orders and client deposit changes.

1. Open the client card and click on "History".

2. In the window that opens, select a period. Or indicate the dates for which you need to show the story.

3. Select to view:

  • Bills – report displays a list of all client orders: the amount of the check, accumulation, payment method. To view detailed information, such as a list of dishes, click on the order in the table.
  • Deposit – the report will show all accumulations and write-offs, their amounts and the dates of the balance change.

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