Управление клиентами в веб-панели

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The manager or accountant can work with the client base in the web panel on the "Clients" tab.

Access rights

To work with clients cards, you need the right to "Write" for the "Clients" section.

You can find out information about a client’s card without opening his card. To do this, click on the link reference "Details".

In the table that opens, you can:

  • find out the amount of the discount and the amount of accumulations;
  • increase or decrease the balance of the deposit;
  • view a report on deposits.

View client orders

1. On the client line, click on the "Bills" link reference.

2. In the window that opens, a list of all client bills opens: order date, amount, amount of discounts and accumulations. Click on the "Details" link reference for more details:

  • list of ordered dishes;
  • payment method and other order information.

By using the "Export" link reference, you can save order data in an excel table on your computer.

Download list of clients

If you have a list of clients from another accounting system or just in an excel table, you can download it to Jowi. To do this, in the "Clients" section, click "Import" and select the needed file.

Other actions with clients

Point clients cards and select one of the offered actions by clicking the appropriate button: print the list, save to the computer or delete.

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