Партнерские программы: объединение клиентов

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Jowi allows you to consolidate the clients base of different establishments.

For example, you want to start partnership program with another restaurant so that your clients can get a discount in both establishments. To do this, you send an agreement to Jowi, and the other party accepts it.

Access rights

To consolidate the client, you need the right to "Write" in the "Clients" section.

Send an Agreement

1. To send an agreement to consolidate the client bases, on the "Clients" tab, select "Consolidation of clients." Click “Add”.

2. Indicate the e-mail account of another establishment.

3. Click "Display restaurants", select the one you need from the list and click "Create".

An agreement will appear in other restaurant’s account, which it will be able to accept.

Accept agreement

1. On the "Clients" tab, select "Consolidation of clients".

2. In the list you can see already completed and new agreements. To accept the new agreement and specify the conditions for clients, click "Accept".

3. Indicate the conditions for clients:

  • Copy privileges – put the flag, so that the current discounts of your clients are active in another establishment.
  • % of discount and % of accumulations – indicate the amount of privileges in your establishment for the clients of the partner establishment.
  • Total client deposit – put the flag, so that the clients of both establishments can use the deposit for payment and accumulations.
  • Payment percentage – the amount that clients can pay with a deposit. For example, no more than half of the bill.
Attention! Clients can pay up to 100% of the bill with a deposit if it has been accumulated in a partner restaurant.

4. Click "Save". Information about the conditions of the partnership program will appear in the account of another establishment.

Attention! In order to operate partnership program in both sides, both establishments must send and accept the agreement.

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