Настроить разделение оплаты по отделам

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Payment can be split in Jowi not only by legal entities, but also by department. For example, to punch drinks from a bar on one fiscal printer, and dishes from the kitchen on another. To do this, you need to perform several steps.

Access rights

To divide the bill into departments, you need the right to edit printers.

1. Setup departments in the web panel.

2. Add fiscal printers and setup them to print a cash check.

3. Click "Printer setup" in the lower menu.

4. Unmark "All departments" field and select the department whose dishes will be printed. Save the changes.

With turned on mark "All departments", the printer will receive all dishes that do not have a department in the settings.

5. Setup the printing of a cash check for each department.

Now, when paying the bill, will be split into departments. You can transfer dishes from one department to another in the same way as between legal entities.

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