Бронирование столов

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At Jowi, guests can reserve tables in a variety of ways:

  • administrator reserves a table at the request of guests;
  • clients make reservations on their own in the Jowi mobile application.

If the reservation was made through the application, the administrator must confirm it.

In addition, you can create hall layout for one day. For example, if on this day a musical performance or other event is scheduled in the establishment.

Access rights

To work with the reservation, you need the right to create and edit the reservation.

Make a Reservation at Waiter

1. From the main menu of the local Waiter module, select "Reservations".

Image 1069

2. Select a hall for reservation.

3. By default, you can reserve a table for the current day. To select a different date, click "Calendar".

4. Select a table and click "Create".

Image 1070

5. Fill in the reservation information:

  • select a guest from the client base;
  • indicate to whom the table is being reserved;
  • in the description field, you can add a client’s request, for example, "Candles on the table";
  • indicate the number of guests and the time of reservation;
  • add a phone for communication.
To make a reservation without a table, just do not indicate its number.

6. Click "Create" to save the reservation.

Image 1071

The reservation is framed – information about it appeared on the layout of the hall. When guests arrive, the manager needs to note their arrival at Jowi.

If the client make a reservation on his own in the mobile application, you will receive a notification. Confirm or refuse the reservation – the guest will receive a notification.

Place Guests at the Table

When guests arrive at the restaurant, note their arrival at Jowi.

1. Open the "Reservations" section.

2. Select a table and click "Customer has arrived".

Image 1072

Create a Hall Layout for 1 Day

In the reservation section, you can create a hall layout for a specific day, if it differs from the usual ones. For example, if a music performance is held at the restaurant on that day.

1. In the "Reservation" section, click "Constructor".

Image 1073

2. Change the layout of hall. You can download the layout from another day, for example, if such events are held regularly, and the tables are the same. To do this, click "Download" and select a date.

Image 1074

3. Save the new scheme – it will work for one day.

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