Добавить персонал для расчета зарплаты

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For salary calculation, employees of the establishment must:

  • add groups of employees, such as "barmen", "waiters", "cooks" and so on;
  • add employees of establishment, to fix payment.

Access rights

To manage employees, you need the right to "Write" in the "Salary module" section.

Add Group

1. On the "Salary" tab, select "Groups" and click "Add".

2. Enter the name of the group and click "Save".

    By link reference “Details” opens a list of employees in the group.

    Add Employee

    1. On the "Salary" tab, select "Staff" and click "Add".

    2. Indicate the name of the employee and the group to which he belongs.

    3. Click "Save".

    After all staff is added, you can note the payment of salary.

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