Отчет по заработной плате

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To control the calculations with employees there is a salary report. With it, the accountant, manager or owner of the establishment will know whether the company should pay the employee the remaining salary or if he has already received more in advance.

Access rights

To view the report, you need the rights to "Read" or "Write" in the section "Salary module".

On the "Salary" tab, select "Salary report". Indicate the period for which you want to build a report, and click "Start search".

Additionally, you can specify a group of employees or the name of a specific employee.

Jowi will clearly show calculations with employees:

  • Balance – the difference between paid and charged funds at the beginning and end of the calculation period.
  • Payments – the amount that the employee was paid above earned money.
  • Charges – the amount that the employee has earned and has not yet received on hand.

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