Включить уведомления в Telegram

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To quickly respond on table reservations and delivery orders, you can set up notifications in the Telegram messenger – messages will be sent to the responsible employee on the phone.

Access rights

To set up notifications in Telegram, you need the "Write" right in the "Mobile Menu" section.

Connect Device

1. On the phone of the responsible employee in Telegram, find the contact @jowibot.

2. Select it and click "Start".

Image 1090

3. Send the connection code – it is located on the "Mobile menu" tab in the "Telegram notifications" section.

Image 1091

Done – the employee has signed up for mailing notifications about reservation and delivery orders.

Delete Device

To disconnect an employee from notifications, on the "Mobile menu" tab, open the "Telegram notifications" section. In the list of recipients, select the user and click “Delete”.

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