Настройка фискального принтера АТОЛ

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ATOL fiscal printer setup is slightly different from setup of other fiscal printers.

Access rights

To setup a fiscal printer, you need the right to edit printers.

Step 1 – driver installation

Download and install the ATOL 10 driver – details you can read on the official website of the manufacturer.

Step 2 – connection of fiscal printer

Connect the fiscal printer to the computer by following the instruction. Supported models:

  • ATOL 11F
  • ATOL 15F
  • ATOL 20F
  • ATOL 22F (ATOL FPrint-22PTK)
  • ATOL 25F
  • ATOL 30F
  • ATOL 42FC
  • ATOL 50F
  • ATOL 52F
  • ATOL 55F
  • ATOL 60F
  • ATOL 77F
  • ATOL 90F
  • ATOL 91F
  • ATOL 92F
  • ATOL Sigma 10
  • ATOL Sigma 7F
  • ATOL Sigma 8F
  • Kaznachey FA

Step 3 – fiscal printer setup

Follow the fiscal printer setup instruction. In the Printer adding window, select "Atol Driver 10" and select the connection type:

  • COM port – connection via wire. Specify the printer name, port, and print speed.
  • TCP / IP – wireless connection. Specify the printer name, device IP address, and port number.

    Save the settings – done! The printer is connected and ready to work.

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