Подключить модуль управления светом HLK SW 16

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Jowi offers great opportunities on automation of establishment by using external devices. One example is the HLK SW 16 light control module. It allows you to control the light above the tables.

How it works

Consider an example. In the billiard club above each table there is light. Guests pay for an hour of play, the manager selects a table, and the light turns on automatically when time starts. At the end of time, the light turns off.

To connect, you need to perform several steps.

Access rights

To set HLK SW 16 on the local module you need the rights of Administrator.

Step 1. Connection of HLK SW 16

Connect the HLK SW 16 to the terminal, which acts as the server by using the Enhernet wire. Connect table light to the module relay.

Step 2. Setup of HLK SW 16

1. On the main page of the local module, select the "Settings" section.

2. Go to the "Extra settings" tab and click "Add" in the“ External devices” panel.

3. In the device list, select HLK SW 16.

4. Enter the name and IP address of the device.

5. Save the settings.

Done – now setup the tables in the establishment.

Step 3. Tables Setup

1. Select a hall from the list and open the designer.

2. Select a table and indicate the switch number.

3. Save the settings.

The tables are set up. Now, when open a bill, if the manager selects a table by time, the light above will turn on automatically, when the time starts.

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