Выбрать связанные блюда в Waiter

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Some dishes are most often ordered with each other. For example, shashliks and grilled vegetables. Or fries and sauces. In this case, you can associate one dish with another.

You can also add related dishes in the Jowi web panel.

Access rights

To add related dishes, you need the right to create and edit dishes.

1. On the main screen, select "Dishes".

2. Click "Dishes" and open the dish for editing. Use the search bar to find the dish you want.

3. In the "Related dishes" field, click "Add".

4. Select the dish you want to make related.

5. Save the changes.

Now, when adding a dish to the order, the waiter will see the positions associated with it and will be able to quickly add them to the check.

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