Добавить группу транзакций

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You can use groups to combine transactions based on a common feature. For example, add the "breakage of dishware" or "incidental expenses" groups and indicate them while filling transactions.

Access rights

To create transaction groups, you need the right to "Write" in the "Cash" section.

1. On the "Cashbox" tab, select "Transactions groups" and click "Add".

2. Indicate the name of the group.

3. Select type of activity:

  • operational – transactions of this group will fall in the report on profits and losses;
  • investment (investments, attraction of financial resources);
  • financial (credits etc.).
Transactions with any type of activity will fall in the report on movement of cash assets.

4. Save the group – click "Create".

Group added – you can specify it when creating a new transaction.

Add sub-category

For each group of operations, you can specify a sub-category. For example, for incidental expenses it can be a "taxi for guests" or something else.

To add a sub-category, open the group, indicate the name and type of activity of the sub-category, and click "Create". After adding all additional categories, click "Save".

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