Акция «Закажи блюдо – получи блюдо»

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The action can will not only attract new visitors. With its help a restaurant can:

  • increase sales of less popular dishes if they offer a second dish for free;
  • increase attendance on specific days, such as weekdays and Sundays;
  • advertise new items on the menu if you make a discount on them when ordering other dishes, and other.

Access rights

To create the promotion you need the right to "Write" in the section "Marketing promotion".

1. On the "Marketing" tab, choose "Event" and click "Add".

2. Choose a promotion "Buy course and win the course" from the list and click "Create".

3. Fill in the information about the promotion – it will be displayed in the Jowi Club app:

  • indicate the name of the promotion, the timing of its holding;
  • mark the days on which the promotion is valid
  • add a description and image.

4. Choose which orders the promotion applies to – in a restaurant or for delivery.

5. Add the dish that you want to order to participate in the promotion, and the number of servings.

6. Indicate the dish and the number of servings that the guest will receive for the promotion.

7.Choose one of the promotion types:

  • special price for promotional dish;
  • discount on a dish on a promotion.

8. Enter the number of available prizes.

You can specify additional conditions in the promotion: time of its action, distribution only for customers, gender and age of customers.

9. Click "Save" to create the promotion.

To launch the promotion, click "Enable" – after that it will appear in the app for customers, and the restaurant staff will be able to use it on the terminal.

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