Акция «Закажи на n-ную сумму и получи скидку»

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The promotion allows you to increase the average check – visitors are motivated to order more in order to get an additional discount. For customers, you can add an additional percentage of savings that are credited to their deposit.

Access rights

To create the promotion you need the right to "Write" in the section "Marketing promotion".

1.On the "Marketing" tab, choose "Event" and click "Add".

2. Choose the promotion "Order for the n-th amount..." from the list and click "Create".

3. Fill in the information about the promotion – it will be displayed in the mobile app for Jowi Club customers:

  • indicate the name of the promotion, the timing of its holding;
  • mark the days on which the promotion is valid;
  • add a description and image.

4. Choose which orders the promotion applies to – in a restaurant or for delivery.

5. Indicate the size of the check for which guests will receive a discount or savings.

6. Choose the type of promotion and specify the percentage size:

  • additional discount;
  • additional percentage of savings on deposit (only for customers).
You can specify additional conditions: the promotion is only for customers, their age or gender.

7. Click "Save" to create the promotion.

To launch the promotion, click "Enable" – after that it will appear in the app for customers, and the restaurant staff will be able to use it on the terminal.

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