Работа с электронным меню на терминале

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In the local part of Jowi there is an electronic menu – a list of all dishes and drinks in the establishment. By using it you can:

  • set up self-service terminals – clients order and pay for dishes on their own (suitable for fast foods);
  • use tablets at waiters as a menu – to demonstrate dishes to visitors.
Attention! The electronic menu displays dishes from the mobile menu in the Jowi web part.

Access rights

To set the electronic menu, you need the right to edit the terminal.

View of Electronic Menu

To open the electronic menu, on the main screen in the upper menu, select "Electronic menu". So the waiters can show guests a list of dishes with photos.

Electronic Menu Setting

1. On the main screen, in the top menu, click "Settings".

2. In the bottom menu, select "Electronic menu".

3. Turn on the electronic menu mode – it will open for all users when entering the terminal.

4. Set the menu mode:

  • create accounts – add dishes and create accounts in the local part;
  • link the client to the account with a personal code, so that he can get a discount;
  • pay accounts – clients will be able to immediately pay for the order (if a bill acceptor is connected);
  • deposit the change if the client has made a large amount

5. Select a table on the layout – all orders are on it.

6. Indicate the COM port number to which the bill acceptor is connected. To check the operation of the equipment, click "Check".

7.Save changes.

Work with the Electronic Menu

An electronic menu can be put on the terminal for clients self-service. They will have access to a complete list of dishes by category. The further algorithm depends on the settings:

Account creation is turned on – visitors select dishes and add them to the account. By the button "Send order" he goes to the kitchen and to the cash, where the client pays for the order.

Client binding by code is turned on – the visitor can specify a personal discount card code to get a discount when make an order.

Payment of accounts is turned on – after creating the order, the client clicks “Payment” and makes the bills. The order arrives in the kitchen.

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