Отчет по ингредиентам за период

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In report on ingredients for the period reflected a list of all ingredients on selected warehouse, information on all movements and inventory results: the presence of excesses or shortages.

Access rights

To work with the report, you need the rights to read the report on the ingredients.

On the "Reports" tab, select "Report on ingredients for the period", specify the period and warehouse on which you need to build a report.

In report presented the rest of the ingredients on the date at the beginning of the period ("At the beginning") and at the current date ("At the end"), taking into account all movements. If an inventory was carried out during the period, the excesses and shortage will be reflected in the report.

Ingredients with negative remain are highlighted with red color.

The cost of ingredients in the report falls from the last-by-date document "Invoice", "Butchering act", "Displacement", "Displacement between restaurants".

Movement of Ingredients

All movements of ingredients are reflected in the columns "Incomes" and "Expenses". Move your mouse to see where and how many ingredients used to prepare dishes, how much were written off or sent to another restaurant.

To view detailed information on the movement of ingredients (displacement between restaurants, write offs, expense invoices, incomes, etc.), click on the "Details" link reference. In a new tab, a list of all documents opens.

In addition, you will see when the inventory has found excesses or shortage of ingredients. For example, in a warehouse there were 20 kg of tomatoes. In the inventory indicated 18 kg. Thus, 2 kg will fall into shortage.

Warehouse conditions at the end = At the beginning + (Incomes - Expenses) + (Excesses - Shortage)

In which dishes and in what quantity the ingredient is used, you can find out by clicking on the link reference "Dishes".

Report Actions

The report can be printed or saved in excel format.

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