Отчет по ингредиенту

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The report allows you to see detailed information on an individual ingredient.

Access rights

To work with the report, you need the rights to read the report on ingredient.

To view the report, on the "Reports" tab, select Report on ingredients. Indicate the period, warehouse and name of the ingredient.

The report consists of two blocks. In the "Income" block, all receipts of the ingredient through invoices, butchering acts and displacements are reflected.

In the "Expenses" block – information about the expenses of the ingredient: write-offs, displacements, butchering acts, production of dishes and half-finished products, expense invoices and bills.

Detailed report

To view detailed information on the expenses or income of an ingredient per day, click on the "Details" link reference. You will also see a list of bills with dishes in which the selected ingredient was used.

Report actions

The report can be printed or saved in excel format.

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