Настроить мобильное меню диспетчерской

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After connecting the restaurant to the dispatching, you must set up the mobile menu of dispatching. It allows you to connect dishes from dispatching (head establishment) with dishes from other restaurants. If this is not done, the dispatcher will not be able to send orders for delivery to other establishments.

Access rights

To set up dispatching mobile menu, you need the right to "Write" in the "Mobile" section.

1. On the "Mobile menu" tab, select "Mobile menu (dispatching)".

2. A list of dispatching dishes opens, with which you need to connect the dishes of the present establishment. To do this, open the dish card - click on it two times with the left mouse button. Or note dishes and click "Edit".

3. In the "Dishes" line, enter the name of the dish from the menu and select the appropriate one from the list. Please note that the dish must be available for ON-LINE orders.

4. Additionally, you can specify the calorie content of the dish, the cooking time and its description.

Attention! You cannot change the price of a dish - it is taken from the price of the dispatching.

5. Save the changes.

Connect each dish from the dispatching with the dishes in each establishment. After that, the dispatcher will be able to send orders to the requested restaurant.

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