Обработка заказов диспетчером

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Dispatching allows you to process and redirect orders between establishments. For example, to the restaurant closest to the client - so that he does not have to wait long.

Access rights

To process orders in the dispatching, you need the right to "Write" or "Read" in the "Dispatching" section.

1. On the "Delivery" tab, select "Monitoring".

2. Open an order. New orders have the status of "New" and can be painted in a specific color.

3. Select the establishment to which you want to send the order.

Attention! If the mobile menu is not set up in the establishment where the order is sent, will appear the message “There is no connection for dishes in the restaurant ...”.

4. The order can be complemented or changed in the same way as when creating an order in the web panel.

5. Click on "Send to establishment".

Done! The order has been processed and sent to the selected restaurant – the manager will check and process it.

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