Политика накопления

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In the system implemented the setting of the accumulation policy. To view or change the current policy, you must select "Accumulation settings" on the "Settings" tab.

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Access rights

To edit the accumulation policy, you need the "Write" right to the "Settings" section.

Accumulation Settings

The table shows all the possible types of payment. Three types of settings are available for each of them:

  • Accumulation for this type of payment is not available – disable the ability to accumulate.
  • Full payment – funds will be accured to the client’s deposit if whole account is paid by the indicated type (cash, credit card, etc.)
  • Partial payment – accumulations will be accrued even with partial payment in the selected way.
Attention! Accumulation only work for a fully paid account. This means that in case of partial payment, for example in cash, the balance of the account must be paid in another way.

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Accumulation Amount

Choose how the amount of accumulation on the client’s deposit will be calculated:

  • The amount of accumulation is taken from the amount of dishes – % of the amount will be charged without taking into account the existing in restaurant bonuses and discounts.
  • The accumulation amount is taken from the amount of the type of payment – this option is adjusted by the accumulation settings in the table above. The amount of accumulation depends on the type of payment.
  • The accumulation amount is taken from the total bill amount – all discounts and bonuses in force in the establishment are taken into account.

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You can view information about the current accumulation policy in the local module during account payment, by clicking on the link "Accumulation policy".

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