Определить вида печати счетов и чеков

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In Jowi you can customize model of the bill and check – add the restaurant logo, indicate information about offers or discounts, give links to the site and social networks.

Access rights

To set up a check, you need the right to edit printers and text for printing bills.

1. On the main page in the top menu, open "Settings".

2. In the bottom menu, select "Printers".

3. In the window that opens, click "Printing type".

4. Specify the width of the tape and select the type of check:

  • bill;
  • slip;
  • deposit.

Each check block is customizable: click on it - the block parameters will be displayed in the left field. Indicate which data to print and which not, add additional text or image.

5. Save the changes.

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