Работа с принтерами

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The program works with two types of printers.

Fiscal printers. These devices record the sale and transfer information (positions on the check, amount, client and cashier data) to the tax inspection. Data transfer is automatic.

In addition to fiscal printers, Jowi works with fiscal modules (in Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan) – specialized programs that perform the functions of fiscal printers and record sales.

Attention! Fiscal printers must be installed at the cash in any catering establishment, from fast food with shaurma to chain restaurants in Russia and Ukraine.

Check printers print a list of dishes, order number, deposit information, and so on. For example, they can be installed in the kitchen – so the cook will know what dishes and when to cook. As a check printer, you can use both ordinary office printers and fiscal registrars.

List of Supported Fiscal Printers


  • Atol


  • Maria (M301T)
  • Datex
  • Krypton
  • Universal driver ArtSoft


  • UzOFD


  • integration with webkassa.kz

Printer Setup

You can set up printers to print orders in the kitchen, bar bills, or deposit checks.

Access rights

To setup, you need the rights to edit printers.

1. Connect the printer to the computer. Go into the program, select "Settings" in the top menu.

2. Click "Printers" in the lower menu to setup check printers.

3. In the "Print" column, select what the printer will print:

  • bill – when guests close the bill;
  • cashier's checks – when setting up a fiscal printer;
  • department or category – when you save an order for a certain department or category. For example, orders for a bar or in a cold kitchen workshop;
  • accumulation – printed after payment of the bill;
  • cash drawer, so that when paying the bill, a cash drawer opens at the cash.
Attention! The appearance of the bill, slip or check for the deposit can be changed in the "Print type" section.

4. Select the printer in the middle column:

  • printers – devices available on the current terminal;
  • general – printers connected to a central computer with a database. They are available to all network devices.

5. In the right column in the "For" field, select which devices can print on this printer (if you selected a printer from the "General" section):

  • for all – all computers and mobile devices of the establishment;
  • this terminal – is the only terminal on which you can setup the printer;
  • mobile devices – mobile devices on which the Jowi Waiter application is installed.

6. Click "Test print" in the lower menu to print a test check and make sure that the printer is working correctly.

7. Click "Save". The check printer is set up and ready to work.

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