Модуль оповещений

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Clients see information on a special monitor, they pick up the order themselves, in such a way cook's work is synchronized with orders.

How to turn on the alert module?

Go to the local part with manager rights -> settings -> extra settings. Turn on the cook’s monitor, notification module, and autostart module when Windows starts.

The information module works in 2 modes: with a cook monitor and without a cook monitor.

The "Turn on monitor mode" button should always be on.

Next, you can choose a monitor that will receive notifications about the availability of orders, if you have several.

How to work with the information module?

Open an account.

When placing an order, specify the name of the client in the description, which will be displayed when the order is ready.

If this is not done, then a three-digit number will be displayed, indicated at the bottom of the account

Click "Save".

Click "Close".

Pay the account:

When the cook finishes cooking, he clicks on the "Done" on his monitor:

and on the information module is displayed:

The client picks up the order, the manager notes "Picked up":

Only after that the information will leave the information screen.

But if the "use of the monitor module for order readiness information" is "no", then when the information is issued, it will not be necessary to go into the cook module. A information of order readiness will look like this:

You can set any background image.

Go to the local part in the settings, select additional settings, in the window that opens, in the background settings, click the "download" button:

Select a picture and click "open".

Click the save button.

Cook monitor setup

Go to the settings for displaying and adding slips. By default the order of the tasks goes to the end of the list in a smaller column.

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