Расходные накладные

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Expense invoices allow you to keep a record of expendable materials and their costs. For example, detergents, cutlery for delivery or broken dishware. All expenses will be automatically reflected in reports on ingredients.

Access rights

To work with expense invoices, you need the rights to read and edit invoices.

Add Expense Invoice

1. On the "Invoice" tab, select "The expenses invoices". Click "Add".

2. Fill in the details of the document:

  • invoice number – set automatically in order;
  • date – the current date rises automatically;
  • warehouse – select the warehouse from which the ingredients will be write off;
  • group – indicate the group to which the document belongs. For example, "Dishware write off";
  • description – leave a comment on the invoice.

3. Indicate the type:

  • active – the ingredients are written off from the warehouse immediately after saving the document;
  • draft – the invoice will be created as a draft, which can be edited later.

4. Select one of the tabs ("Ingredients", "Half-finished product " or "Dishes") and mark the items. For a quick search, indicate a group or warehouse.

5. Click – the marked items will be displayed in the "Selected" window. Enter the quantity of material which you are writing off.

6. Click "Calculate". The program will calculate the remains before and after the write-off, the amount of written-off ingredients – they will be presented in the "Write-off calculation" window. Please note that dishes and half-finished product will be decomposed into ingredients according to their composition.

Attention! The value in the field "Price on invoice" falls from the last-by-date document "Invoice", "Butchering act", "Displacement", "Displacement between restaurants".

7. Click "Create", to save the document.

After creating a expense invoices, the ingredients will be written-off from remains of warehouse, and the write-off data will be reported in the ingredient reports.

Change Invoice

To open an invoice and edit it, double-click on it with the left mouse button. Or mark the document in the list and click "Edit".

Delete Invoice

To do this, note the documents and click "Delete selected" – the remains in the warehouse will be updated, and information on the write-off will disappear in the reports on the ingredients.

Find an Invoice

By using the search bar, you can quickly find the documents you need. For example, invoices for the last month.

1. Select one or more filters:

  • the period when the invoice was filled;
  • the warehouse from which the ingredients were written off;
  • the group to which the invoice belongs;
  • ingredients that have been written off.

2. Click "Start search" – matching invoices will appear in the list of documents.

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