Перемещение между ресторанами

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You can displace ingredients not only between warehouses, but also between restaurants. For example, if in one establishment, meat or vegetables are finished. To do this, you need to fill displacement between restaurants.

You can fill displacement both between your own restaurants and between establishments of different accounts.

Consider by an example:

  1. "Cafe" fill displacement of ingredients in the "Restaurant".
  2.  "Restaurant" receives the document and accepts it or rejects it.
  3. If the displacement was rejected, "Cafe" may edit the document and resend it.

Access rights

To work with displacements between restaurants, you need the right to "Write" in the "Invoice" section.

Fill Movement between Restaurants

1. On the "Invoices" tab, select "Moving between restaurants" – a list of all displacements will open.

2. Click "Send", to create a new document.

3. Enter the email address, to which Jowi account is registered.

4. In the "Receiver" column, select the establishment where the ingredients are displaced.

5. Fill in other fields:

  • number and date will be filled in automatically;
  • warehouse of the establishment from which the ingredients will be written off;
  • responsible and description – additional fields where you can specify a restaurant employee or comment on the displacement.

6. Point the ingredients that are sent to the restaurant and click

7. Indicate the quantity of ingredients – the amount is calculated automatically.

8. Click "Calculate" – in the table "Invoice calculation" the remain will be displayed before and after the displacement.

Attention! The ingredients will be written off after the document has accepted by second establishment.

9. Click "Create" – the document will be sent to another establishment.

After creation, the document is submitted for verification and approval to another establishment.

At the same time, created a supplier for both establishments with the name of the restaurant, to which assigned type 2. Please note that restaurants – suppliers cannot be indicated on regular invoices.

Check and Accept the Displacement Document

The restaurant where the ingredients are displaced, receives a displacement document that needs to be processed.

1. On the "Invoices" tab, select "Moving between restaurants".

2. Open a new displacement.

3. Check the document data: number and date. Be sure to specify the warehouse where the products will be added.

4. In the list of ingredients in the "Name" column, select the products in your warehouse with which the incoming ingredients related.

5. Click "Calculate" – in the table "Invoice calculation" the remain will be displayed before and after receipt.

6. Click "Accept" to add products to the warehouse.

Click "Reject" to return the document to the supplier restaurant if there are any inaccuracies or errors in the document.

The document is processed, the products are added to warehouse. After that, the displacement can be paid.

Resending of Displacement between Restaurants

The recipient restaurant may return the document for displacement of ingredients for revision. In this case, it must be corrected and resent.

1. On the "Invoices" tab, select "Moving between restaurants".

2. Open the received displacement with the status "Refused".

3. Make edits and click "Send".

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