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Write-off – is the discharge from the balance sheet of missing or spoiled ingredients, half-finished products and dishes, with specification of the reason for the write-off: spoiling, expiration date, etc.

Goods are written off from a certain warehouse. Therefore, a separate write-off document must be created for each warehouse from which the goods are written off.

Access rights

To fill write off, you need the right to "Write" in "Invoice" section.

1. On the "Invoices" tab, select "Write-offs" and click "Add".

2. Fill out the document:

  • number and date are set automatically;
  • select the warehouse from which the goods will be write off;
  • additionally indicate the invoice group and description.

3. Select whether the active document (goods will be written off after saving) or draft.

4. Indicate what to write off – ingredients or already prepared dishes.

5. Note the ingredients, half-finished products and dishes to be written off and click arrow.

6. Indicate the quantity and click on "Calculate".

7. In the "Write-off calculation" field, Jowi will show the cost of the products being write-off, as well as the remains on warehouse.

8. Save the document – click "Create".

The write-off is filled – the goods (ingredients or dishes) are written off from the warehouse.

By link reference "Details" in the general list of documents you can see which products have been written off.

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