Оплатить поставщику (терминал)

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For settlement with contractors for products or goods, use payment to the supplier.

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To make a payment to the supplier at the checkout, the cashier needs the right “Expenses / Income”.

1. On the main screen in the bottom menu, choose "Expenses and Income".

2. In the bottom menu, choose "Payment to the supplier" and fill in the fields:

  • indicate the cash shift from which you paying or to which the money comes;
  • choose supplier from the list;
  • enter the date and indicate the group of transaction, for example "procurement";
  • add a description of the operation;
  • choose a payment way and specify the amount.

3. Click "+Income", if the money came from the counterparty, and "-Expenses", if the restaurant pays.

The payment is completed – it is displayed in the list of recent operations on the terminal and in the list in the web panel.

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