Акция «Бонусная пирамида»

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Bonus pyramid - a special type of marketing promotion, built on the principle of "bring a friend – get a bonus" or network marketing.

How It Works

1. Michael is registered in the restaurant as a client.

2. Through a referral link, he registers Andrey – for Mikhail he becomes a friend of the 1st level. At the same time, Andrey receives welcome bonuses at registration.

3. Andrey already on his referral link registers Dmitry. Now Dmitry is a friend of the 1st level for Andrey, and a friend of the 2nd level for Mikhail.

4. Mikhail, Andrey and Dmitry go to the same restaurant and receive savings when paying for their orders. At the same time, Andrei additionally receives charges for Dmitry’s orders, and Mikhail – for orders of both Andrey and Dmitry.

Attention! In promotion can participate only customers who have a restaurant discount card.

Access rights

To create the promotion you need the right to "Write" in the section "Marketing promotion".

1.On the "Marketing" tab, choose "Event" and click "Add".

2. Choose the promotion "Bonus pyramid" from the list and click "Create".

3. Fill in the information about the promotion – it will be displayed in the mobile app for Jowi Club customers:

  • indicate the name of the promotion, the timing of its holding;
  • mark the days on which the promotion is valid;
  • add a description and image.

4. Choose which orders the promotion applies to – in a restaurant or for delivery.

5. Indicate:

  • size of bonus for a new client who will register by referral link;
  • interest for "friendship levels" – how many points for a deposit will be received by clients for the invited friends.

6. Choose the type of payment that participate in the promotion.

You can specify additional conditions – their age or gender.

7. Click "Save" to create the promotion.

To launch the promotion, click "Enable" – after that it will appear in the app for customers, and the restaurant staff will be able to use it on the terminal.

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