Отчеты по маркетинговым акциям

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Reports by marketing promotions allow you to control their progress and effectiveness: how many customers participated in the promotions, how many dishes were sold, how many more guests came and so on.

Access rights

To view reports you need the right to "Read" in the section "Marketing promotion".

Report by Promotions

On the "Marketing" tab, choose "Reports". It presents a short info of the use of promotions in the restaurant:

  • which promotion has worked;
  • who used the promotion – a regular customer or guest;
  • what bonus the visitor received and when.

Using filters, you can view data for a particular promotion, date or client.

Report by Promotion "Bonus pyramid"

On the "Marketing" tab, choose "Reports of event 'Bonus pyramid'". It presents new customers, the number of friends at each level and the amount of bonuses received for the entire duration of the promotion.

Click on the link "Details" to find out detailed information about when, how much and from which friend bonuses were received.

Reports by Other Promotions

Click on the "Order" link in the list of promotions to find out more about promotions: "Discount for the amount of bill by time", "Order n-th amount & get the discount or accumulation percent for the current bill", "Discount or fixed price for the dish by time":

  • when the promotion worked;
  • account number;
  • type of bonus;
  • the amount of the check before and after applying the promotion.

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