Настроить доставку в ресторане

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To work with delivery, you must enable and set up this option.

Access rights

To set up delivery, you need the right to "Write" in the "Settings" section.

1. On the "Settings" tab, select "Settings".

2. Click "Edit".

3. To work with delivery, change the establishment parameters:

  • Access to ON-LINE orders – put a flag to switch on the possibility to work with the delivery.
  • Delivery amount by default – change the delivery cost of orders.
  • Accounting of the delivery amount at the cash – by default, the delivery cost is not included in the total bill. Put a flag to include delivery in the total cost.
  • Show in mobile application – set the flag, so that guests can see your establishment in the Jowi Club application.

4. Save the settings.

Done, delivery is on and set up. Change the description of the restaurant, so that guests know about the possibility of ordering dish delivery.

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