Мониторинг статусов заказов

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In the web part, the restaurant manager can process orders from the application, monitor the status of orders in work or create new.

Attention! If you use a dispatch room, orders from applications will first get here. And only after processing by the dispatcher – to the local module.

Access rights

To monitor orders, you need the right to "Read" or "Write" in the "Mobile" section.

On the "Delivery" tab, select "Monitoring" to view delivery orders and view information about them:

  • order status;
  • delivery address and customer contacts;
  • name of the courier;
  • number of dishes and order amount.

Using the search bar, you can select orders for a certain period, for a specific amount or orders in one status.

Order statuses
  • New – order just created and not confirmed yet.
  • The order is accepted – the order checked and confirmed the cook start cooking.
  • On the way – the order is at the courier.
  • The order is completed – order delivered to client.
  • Canceled – the restaurant or client cancel the order.

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