Доставка заказов с Jowi

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Many establishments offer food delivery services, some restaurants even work only with such orders. Jowi will allow you to organize work with orders in such way, that it is easy and convenient for employees to work with them, and clients are satisfied.

Delivery Setup

1. Turn on delivery in the restaurant settings and indicate its cost.

2. Add in description of the establishment the possibility of delivery.

3. Set up the mobile menu – it will be available to clients in the Jowi Club mobile application.

4. Connect a dispatch room, if delivery works in several restaurants.

Work with orders

1. The manager fill an order and selects a delivery method if the order is received by phone. If you have several establishments, then the dispatcher fill an order and sends it to the required restaurant.

2. If the guest fill an order independently through the application, than the manager checks and accepts it.

3. After preparation, the manager ring up the check and pass the order to the courier.

4. The courier takes the order to the client and accepts the payment. The manager notes, that the order has been delivered.

During the day, the manager can control the status of orders: how many were accepted, how many were delivered or are in the kitchen.

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