Привязать клиента к счёту

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There are 3 ways in Jowi to link a client to an account:

  • Via the local Waiter module
  • Via the mobile app for waiters Jowi Waiter
  • Via the mobile app for Jowi Club clients

In addition, the client can independently link the account to the list of his orders and pay for it.

Access rights

To add a client to an order, you need the rights to link a client to the account.

Local Waiter Module

1. Create a new account and open the details by clicking on the plate in the upper left corner.

2. In the window that opens, click on the "Client" field.

3. A list of clients will open. Click "Search" to find a client by name, or "Search by card" to search by discount card number.

In order not to search on your own, you can pass a card through a card reader – Jowi will automatically find and link the client to the account.

If you don’t have a card reader, click on "Client’s personal code" and enter the ID, which is indicated on the card. Click OK.

4. Click "Save" in the "Account details" window. Please note that client deposit information is only available with an internet connection.

Jowi Waiter Mobile Application

1. Select an account.

2. Open the menu by clicking the three dots icon. Click "Account details".

3. In the window that opens, click "Clients".

4. You can add a client in two ways:

  • scan the QR code from the visitor’s phone if he is a regular client and he has a Jowi Club mobile application;
  • enter a personal code – it can be displayed on the map or in the client’s mobile application.

Done – the client is linked to the account, its discount and accumulations will be taken into account when closing the account.

Jowi Club Mobile Application

1. Open the menu and select "Loyalty Cards".

2. A window opens with a list of establishments in which you have discount cards. Select a restaurant and click on it.

3. In a new window, all loyalty cards will be displayed. Click on the QR code icon to open it full screen and the waiter was able to scan it.

A 6-digit client ID will also be displayed there, by which the waiter can also link the client to the account.

Pay the Account through the Jowi Club Application

1. Open the application and select "Pay account" on the main screen.

2. Scan the QR code on the account. After scanning, you will receive a notification about the linking of the account to the client, and a window with account details will open.

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