Объединить заказы

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Orders can be combined, for example, if guests from different tables moved to one. You can only combine open orders.

Access rights

To combine orders, the waiter will need the right to combine accounts.

1. Open the order with which you want to combine another.

2. Click "Options" in the lower menu and select "Combine".

3. In the window that opens, in the left half is – the selected order, in the right is – a list of all accounts. Select one of them and click "Combine".

Attention! All dishes will be transferred to the table from the first order, the number of guests will be reset to zero. If a client has been linked to the order, it must be added again.

4. Save the order.

Done – orders are combined into one. They can be divided again. You can also transfer dishes from one order to another.

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