Создание счета

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After the guests were placed at the table, accept their order and open an account at the terminal.

Access rights

To create an order, you need the role "Waiter". Some functions need additional rights, which can be specified in the employee profile.

1. On the main screen, select the hall and table on which guests sat. If the establishment has no tables, click on "New Account".

2. Open the account details by clicking on the upper left panel

3. Here you can:

  • change the table – click on the line "Table" and select a new one;
  • link the client to the account;
  • indicate the number of guests and add an account description;
  • change the service size – by default, the size is specified in the table settings;
  • indicate the size of the discount. Also, the discount will be set automatically when choosing a client;
  • link an account to a smart card.

4. Save your changes.

5. Add dishes to the order from the list of popular dishes. Or select a department and then a dish.

Use the search to find a dish by name.

6. When adding dishes, Jowi will offer you to specify modifiers and select related dishes.

7. You can delete or change the added dishes by clicking on their list in the left panel.

Attention! You can add a new dish without calculation, which is not in the menu – it will appear only in the current order.

8. Save the order. If guests are sit at a table on time, start the timer.

The order was saved, and the dishes send to the kitchen on the cook’s screen or printer. After saving the order, you can split the account, transfer dishes from one order to another, merge accounts or delete dishes from the order.

When guests are ready to pay, close the account.

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