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Compound ingredients are preparations from ingredients that are used as part of dishes. For example, minced meat -– consists of meat, onions and eggs. Or mayonnaise – from yolks and vegetable oil.

The calculation of compound ingredients determines how many ingredients will be written off when ordering dishes.

Access rights

To add compound ingredients, you need the “Write” right in the “Items” section.

Add compound ingredient

1. On the "Items" tab select the "Compound ingredients" section – a complete list will open.

2. Click “Add” to create a new one.

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3. Fill in the compound ingredient information:

  • enter a name – it must be unique;
  • select a measuring unit;
  • indicate the estimated quantity of the compound ingredient – for what quantity of the finished product a calculation card is compiled;
  • in addition, you can indicate the group to which the compound ingredient belongs.

4. Mark the ingredients or another compound ingredient that are required to prepare the product. On the “Import” tab, you can copy the list of products from other half-finished products. Click

If there is no suitable product in the list, click “Add ingredient” in the bottom menu. In the window that opens, indicate its name and measuring unit - the product will appear in the calculation card and in the "Ingredients" section.

5. Indicate the number of products required for cooking, and click "Calculate".

6. Jowi will calculate the price of the composite ingredients and the cost of the compound ingredient. Click “Create”.

Attention! The price of the ingredients is taken from the last on date of entry document.

Compound ingredient added – now it can be used for cooking. If the half-finished products are not delivered to the establishment, but are manufactured independently, use the document "Production of half-finished products and dishes" for warehouse balances.

Operations with compound ingredients

The list of ingredients can be printed or saved in excel table format. By clicking on the link reference “Items” in the half-finished products line, a list of dishes in which it is used opens, and by clicking on the “Details” link reference – the composition of the half-finished product.

Change calculation

If the half-finished products is prepared in a new way (new ingredients, their quantity), it is necessary to show the changes in Jowi and edit the compound ingredient card.

1. Open the half-finished product: click 2 times with the left mouse button or mark it in the list and click “Edit”.

2. Change the composition of the half-finished product and the calculation date.

Attention! The calculation date can be set "backdated", but not more than 3 months. All write-offs for the ingredient and sales for the specified period will be recalculated again.

3. Save the changes.

The composition of the half-finished product is edited. The calculation of dishes that consist of half-finished product will also change, if it is later than the date of the new calculation of the half-finished product.

By using the “History” link reference you can see the changes, activate or delete old calculations.

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