Создать ингредиенты

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Ingredients are the products, of which consist dishes, consumable materials and other goods, that are used in the establishment. On the basis of ingredients the whole warehouse accounting is built:

1. You add the ingredients that are used in the restaurant.

2. Fix their entry and determine the cost.

Attention! If you are purchasing new products, add new ingredients before filling out the invoice, so that you can add them to the warehouse.

3. Indicate the ingredients in the composition of half-finished product and dishes.

4. Products are write off from the warehouse after ordering dishes.

Access rights

To add ingredients, you need the “Write” right in the “Items” section.

Add ingredient

1. On the "Items" tab, select the "Ingredients" section – a list of all the ingredients used in the establishment will open.

2. Click “Add” to create a new one.

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3. Fill out the product card:

  • enter the name of the ingredient - it must be unique;
  • indicate the measuring unit;
  • in addition, you can select the group to which the ingredient belongs: vegetables, meat and so on.

4. Click “Create” to save the ingredient.

Image 1018

Done – product card created. The price of the ingredient and the warehouse will be indicated when products in the restaurant.

Operations with ingredients

The list of ingredients can be printed or saved in excel table format. By link reference "Items" in the ingredient line you can open a list of dishes, in which it is used, and the amount of ingredient in them.

Image 1019

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