Отчеты по кассовой смене

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You can check the work of the cashier using reports. To do this, in the main menu on the bottom panel, choose "All accounts", then – "Fiscal printer".

Access rights

For work with cash shift reports, you need the rights to view all accounts.


The report reflects all receipts and expenses at the cash shift, payment methods. To print the report, click "Daily report without cancellation".

You can shoot the X-report as many times as you like during the shift – it is not fixed anywhere and does not close the cash register shift.


This report is printed after the shift is closed and shows all receipts and expenses at the cash shift. To print the report, click "Daily Blanking Report".

Attention! Checkout data after printing a Z-report are reset.

Periodic Z-report

This Z-report is not for one shift, but for a certain period. To print it, click "First Z-report", in the left window specify the start date of the period, in the right – the end date, and click "OK".

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