Разделить оплату по юридическим лицам

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If you have configured payment separation by legal persons, you may specify for each legal persons their type of payment .Also you can endure dishes from one legal person to another.

Access rights

To split an account, you need the rights to view all accounts, close and split the accounts.

Divide payment type

1. Open a account. On the left side of the form will be presented:

  • Total amount on the check;
  • The sum of each dish in the context of legal. persons;
  • Total amount for a legal persons.

2. Choose a legal persons – all the others will paint grey.

3. Enter the type of payment.

4. Indicate for each legal persons type of payment and click "Pay" to print a cash check.

Attention! When choosing the type of payment “Debt”, separation by legal entities is impossible! In this case, the entire account will be considered debt.

Move dishes between legal persons

When paying accounts, you can transfer dishes from one legal entity to another.

1. In the payment form, click "Divide".

2. In the window that opens, on the left side, select the legal entity from which to remove the dishes, in the right – to which it should be moved.

3. Click on the dish on the left part..

4. Indicate the amount to be left in the legal. person, and click OK.

5. The dish is moved. Click “OK” and complete the payment.

Attention! When paying a debt bill, meals cannot be moved.

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