Список поставщиков

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A supplier – is an organization from which a restaurant buy food or consumables.

On invoices, the establishment will take on charge the ingredients in the warehouse for further accounting.

Access rights

To work with the list of suppliers, you need the right to "Write" or "Read" in the "Invoices" section.

On the "Invoices" tab in the "Suppliers" section, the restaurant owner can:

  • see a list of partners and add a new one;
  • control debt to suppliers;
  • pay for deliveries;
  • follow up all operations with each supplier.

In addition, by clicking on the link reference "Details", you can see a list of all invoices for the period specified in the search panel.

Calculation of Debit and Credit

Jowi will calculate and presents sales data with each supplier:

  • Balance – the difference between debit and credit at the beginning and end of the billing period.
  • Debit – the sum of all payments to the supplier and paid invoices.
  • Credit – the sum of all invoices created for this supplier. In other words, how much the establishment owes to the supplier.

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