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To receive and dispense ingredients from the warehouse, an invoice is filled. It records how many goods, from whom and at what price it was received, how much was written off or used in production.

In addition, invoices of the same type can be grouped, for example by the type of ingredients.

Access rights

To work with invoices, you need the right to "Write" in the "Invoice" section.

Create Invoice

When the goods arrive at the establishment, create an invoice.

1. On the "Invoices" tab, select the "Invoices" section.

2. A list of all invoices opens. Click "Add".

3. Fill out the document information:

  • number and date will be automatically displayed – they can be changed;
  • select the supplier and warehouse where the ingredients arrived;
  • in addition, you can specify the person responsible and add a comment to the receipt.

4. Select "Active", so that the invoice data is immediately reflected in the accounting. When choosing "Draft" the warehouse remains unchanged.

5. On the tab, add "Ingredients", select the products that arrived, and click

You can import data from a past invoice. For example, if the same supplier always brings the same set of products. To do this, go to the "Import" tab and select one of the past invoices.

The link reference "Details" opens a list of ingredients in the invoice.

6. Indicate the number of ingredients. The cost is automatically placed from the last invoice – change if necessary.

7. Click "Calculate".

8. In the table "Invoice calculation" you will see the remains in the warehouse before and after the receipt of the products.

9. Click "Create" to complete the invoice.

The document is filled – the ingredients are taken on charge at the warehouse, the amount from the invoice is added to the total debt to the supplier. Do not forget to pay invoices on time.

Add Invoice Group

Create invoice groups to combine them on a common feature. For example, by supplier or product type.

1. On the "Invoices" tab, select "Groups". Click "Add".

2. Indicate a name of the group and click "Create".

Now when you create an invoice, write-off, butchering act, expenditure invoice, displacement or production, you can specify the group to which the document belongs.

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